Frequently Asked Questions
Who/what is BlueMaxima?
BlueMaxima, or Ben Latimore is the Aussie who started Flashpoint and handled the master copies until his retirement from the project in January 2023. No business or organization is involved with Flashpoint - it is a wholly community-run project.
What operating systems do you support?
Flashpoint supports Windows 7 SP1 and newer (excluding stock Windows 8). MacOS and Linux versions are also available; however, they require extra steps to install and can only run a handful of the most popular browser technologies.
Does Flashpoint pose any security concerns?
Not that we know of. The entirety of our application suite (minus Infinity's game-downloading tech) can't connect to the open internet; any registry changes made by Flashpoint Secure Player are removed once the game is closed; all incoming curations are passed through a PC with competent and up-to-date antivirus software; and most importantly, the launcher and all of Flashpoint's inner workings are free and open-source. We've done our best to ensure the collection is as safe as it can be, but despite our efforts, certain antiviruses such as Avast and AVG tend to detect important components as being dangerous. If you're affected by this issue, read this page for troubleshooting instructions.
How many games/animations are there?
Flashpoint currently offers over 150,000 games and 25,000 animations. You can search the collection without downloading Flashpoint here.
What platforms does the collection offer?
We support games and animations running on every platform listed at the Supported Platforms page.
Where are the Nitrome games?
Nitrome politely asked us to remove their content from the collection. If you're looking to play their games, do so at their website, and if Flash isn't an option, follow their growing HTML5-compatible catalog. Flashpoint does not condone harassment over Nitrome's decision.
How can I request a game/animation?
You can make a request by first reading this article all the way through, then following the links at the bottom.
Can I add a game/animation myself?
Yes. Follow the instructions listed in the curation tutorial to set up your curator audition. Once it's accepted, you can submit as many more curations as you desire.
I want to contribute in some other way (coding, testing, etc). How can I help?
Join our Discord server for more details. The majority of our work & communication happens there.
Can I use the logo/is it available under Creative Commons?
Yes - the logo falls under the CC-BY 4.0 license. For attribution, you may optionally credit Seirade and BlueMaxima's Flashpoint. Source files can be found here.
Where can I donate to the project?
Out of respect for the artists and developers whose works can be found in Flashpoint, we try to avoid soliciting donations. While we previously ran a fundraiser to cover server costs, we have no plans to launch another one in the future.
Flashpoint isn't working correctly!
Follow the troubleshooting steps listed in the manual. If you're still having problems afterwards, ask for help in our Discord.
I want a game/animation removed from Flashpoint for one reason or another.
Alert us, either via our Discord or directly by email. We'll probably try to convince you to let us keep your game in for historical sake, but we aren't unreasonable.
I have another question.
Consult our extended FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, join our Discord.