A file needed by Flashpoint to play games will be detected as a virus and quarantined; this is a false positive! Follow these instructions to make an exception for Flashpoint. We try our best to keep the archive and its surrounding technologies virus-free. Learn more
All Flashpoint downloads are portable, free-of-charge and built with open-source software (excluding most supported browser technologies, which are largely abandonware). Much of the open-source code is original to the project, links to which you can find at our source code page.
To find out what's changed since the beginning of time, see the changelog. Warning: it's big.
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 and up, MacOS, Linux
Prerequisites: Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86), Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 (7-Zip is required to extract Ultimate and Core)

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: As a museum of internet culture, Flashpoint contains an extremely broad range of content - portions of which may be illegal depending on your jurisdiction. If you are uncomfortable with this, download Flashpoint Infinity as it gives you control over what content is stored on your device.
Flashpoint 11.1 Ultimate
Size: 1.48TB download, 1.76TB when extracted
  • The entire collection in one gigantic package
  • Every game and animation is available offline from the get-go - no internet required
  • Can be updated using the Flashpoint Ultimate Updater
  • Provided as a .7z archive (qBittorrent and Free Download Manager are recommended for the torrent and direct download, respectively)
(Hashes coming soon)
Flashpoint 11.1 Infinity
Size: 768MB download, 2.9GB when extracted; filesize increases with use
  • A lightweight package for casual users
  • Games and animations are downloaded automatically when you play them
  • Must be redownloaded to apply updates
  • Provided as a self-extracting executable (it will extract Flashpoint to the specified directory when run)
Refer to the help manual for using/troubleshooting Flashpoint!

There is also Flashpoint Core, a miniature copy of Flashpoint that is tailored specifically to project contributors. It contains example entries for each platform as well as helpful tools for curation. You can download it here. To learn how to contribute to the archive using Flashpoint Core, read the curation tutorial.