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Flashpoint 6.3 Ultimate

The full package, ready for use offline. 178GB download, 202GB extracted. Extract with 7-zip, not WinRAR. You will probably want a download manager, or a torrent program for the torrent.

Mirror 1: Torrent
Mirror 2:

Flashpoint 6.3 Infinity

Games download as you choose to play them. A minimalist build - not all games are available, only Flash games will work to start, and no logos for Grid view or screenshots. Use the Upgrades on the home tab to add the other tech and images. 200MB download to start.

Antiviruses such as Avast and AVG may detect Flashpoint as a threat. This is a false positive. We try our best to keep Flashpoint virus-free.

More Downloads

Infinity Nightly - generated every day via the master build. More up to date, but not guaranteed to be stable or playable. Does not update by itself; you'll need to redownload every day if you have to be on the bleeding edge.

Flashpoint Core 3.1 (Mirror) - A lightweight copy of Flashpoint with one game per platform to aid curation.

You can find even more downloads at our Discord server or at BlueMaxima's page.

You may also read our readme and changelog for more details.