Avast and AVG users:
Important Flashpoint components may be detected as a virus; this is a false positive. Follow these instructions to make an exception for Flashpoint if needed. We work hard to keep Flashpoint virus-free.

For setup and troubleshooting info, please refer to the manual. To find out what's changed since the beginning of time, see the changelog. Warning: it's big.
For information about installing Flashpoint on non-Windows systems, check out the Mac and Linux support pages. Since Windows is the primary target of Flashpoint, updates may be sporadic and not everything will work. If you want the best experience on a non-Windows computer, consider using a virtual machine with Windows installed.
Flashpoint Ultimate 9.0
For archivists and data hoarders
  • Massive filesize (478GB download, 532GB when extracted)
  • Every game and animation is available on your hard drive from the get-go - no internet required
  • Logos and screenshots are included by default
  • Can be updated to a newer version using the Flashpoint Ultimate Updater
  • Available as a torrent and as a 7Z file (qBittorrent and Free Download Manager are needed for the torrent and 7Z, respectively)
Flashpoint Infinity 9.0
For casual players and disk space savers
  • Smaller file size (500MB download, 2GB when installed; filesize increases with use)
  • Internet required when playing a game for the first time, but downloaded games can be played offline afterwards
  • Logos and screenshots are downloaded on-demand
  • Cannot be updated without reinstalling the launcher
  • Available as a self-extracting installer (can also be extracted with 7-zip)
Extra Downloads
(casual users can ignore these)
Flashpoint Core 9.0
For curators and project contributors
A copy of the Flashpoint launcher that is tailored specifically to project contributors and contains example entries for each platform.
Flashpoint Ultimate Updater 0.5
For non-Infinity users (!!!)
A nifty program that updates only Flashpoint Ultimate to a newer version. Can be used to create a full copy of Ultimate by setting it to an empty directory. Be warned that it will wipe Flashpoint clean - playlists, metadata changes and save games stored in Basilisk, among other things - so remember to back up those files if you need to.

You can find even more downloads at our Discord server or at the pages of BlueMaxima and Dri0m (the amazing fellow who runs the download servers at