Flashpoint 7.0 Ultimate

The full package, ready for offline use. 221GB download, 253GB extracted. Extract with 7-Zip, not WinRAR. You will probably want a download manager for the mirrors, or a torrent program for the torrent.

Download (Torrent)

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
Mirror 3:
Flashpoint 7.0 Infinity

Games download as you play them, not every game is listed initially, and no images in Launcher. You can add the missing games via the Home tab, and missing images below the main download. 260MB download to start.


Logos + Screenshots (14GB)
Logos + Screenshots (Mirror)
Logos Only (4GB)

Other Downloads

Infinity Nightly

Generated every day via the master build, for those who want to stay on the bleeding edge. Stability is not guaranteed. Might not work at all.

Flashpoint Core (Mirror)

A curator-only copy of Flashpoint for working on game additions and the underlying tech.

Notice: Antiviruses such as Avast and AVG may detect Flashpoint as a threat. This is a false positive. We try our best to keep Flashpoint virus-free.

You can find even more downloads at our Discord server or at BlueMaxima's page.

You may also read our readme and changelog for more details.