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Some antiviruses may detect Flashpoint as a threat. This is a false positive! We try our best to keep Flashpoint virus-free.

Flashpoint 8.0 Ultimate

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Flashpoint 8.0 Infinity

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Patch for Windows 7 users

Please read over the Flashpoint manual before doing anything!
(Please note: due to time constraints, we bundled the Other Technologies pack into Infinity for this release. You can ignore those parts of the manual.)

Advanced Downloads

Flashpoint Updater 0.3b

A nifty program that updates only Flashpoint Ultimate to a newer version. Can be used to create a full copy of Ultimate by setting it to an empty directory. Be warned that it will wipe Flashpoint clean - playlists, metadata changes and save games stored in Basilisk, among other things - so remember to back up those files if you need to.

Source Code (Ignore if you're a casual user):

Flashpoint Infinity Nightly

An edition of Infinity generated every day via the master build, for those who want to stay on the bleeding edge. Stability is not guaranteed; might not work at all. Does not automatically update.

Package Downloads:

Flashpoint Core 5

A curation-oriented version of Flashpoint intended for people contributing to the project only.


You can find even more downloads at our Discord server or at BlueMaxima's page.