Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you support?
We support games and animations using Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, HTML5, Java Plugin, Unity Web Player, Microsoft Silverlight, 3DVIA Player, 3D Groove GX, PopCap Plugin, ActiveX, Authorware Web Player, GoBit Games Plugin, Shiva3D, Superscape Viscape, Vitalize!, Hypercosm and Pulse Media Player.

What operating systems do you support?
Windows 7 and up, as thoroughly updated as possible. Mac and Linux versions are constantly in flux due to technology changing left and right in the Windows version and a lack of dedicated maintainers; for the most up-to-date information, you'll have to ask on the Discord.

Does Flashpoint pose any security concerns?
The entirety of our application suite (minus the tech needed to download games via Infinity) can't connect to the real internet in and of themselves. Any changes made with Flashpoint Secure Player are removed once the game is done being played. BlueMaxima has been working with these files on his hard drive for some time, with competent and up-to-date antivirus software. We've done our best to ensure the collection is as safe as it can be. It is worth noting that some antiviruses will detect certain files as being dangerous; in every situation we've come across, this is a false positive.

How many games/animations are there?
As of 8.1, we have over 52,000 games (and 4,900 animations). You can find the full lists here and here.

How can I request a game/animation?
You can make a request by checking the Master List first and then following the link listed there to the form.

I want to contribute in some way (coding, adding games, testing, etc). How can I help?
Join our Discord server for more details. The majority of our work & communication happens there.

Is Flashpoint open source?
Yes...ish. The sources for our custom-made tech such as the launcher are all available at our Github. The sources for the software we include in Flashpoint are available from their respective websites (we don't modify the source of any of the software we include). The binaries for the web plugins themselves aren't open source, but if they were, we wouldn't be here to begin with.

Where can I donate to the project?
Out of respect for the developers whose works can be found in Flashpoint, we do not accept donations, period. Instead, we ask that you turn your attention to the Internet Archive or the Flash emulation project Ruffle, who would appreciate your tip far more than us.

I can't launch any games.
Read this, then follow the troubleshooting steps in the manual. If you've done both of these and you're still having problems, ask for help in our Discord.

I want a game removed from Flashpoint for one reason or another.
Alert us, either via our Discord or directly by email. We'll probably try to convince you to let us keep your game in for historical sake, but we aren't unreasonable.

I have another question.
Consult our extended FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, join our Discord.