A Java 2 Micro Edition game collection

Kahvibreak is a collection of Java 2 Micro Edition mobile phone games, presented using the Flashpoint Launcher and emulated via the J2ME emulators KEmulator and FreeJ2ME (the most appropriate emulator is picked for the job).

Kahvibreak uses the same workflow as Flashpoint. Games are curated in the same way, and each game has the same set of metadata (publisher, developer, logo, screenshot, etc).
Games are double click to play, with all the difficult parts taken care of. Install is easy; just extract the ZIP file after you download it.
A version of the Java software is included alongside Kahvibreak and the emulators run through it, so you don't need to install Java to play.

Version 1.5 introduces nearly 2000 new games and plenty of minor fixes.

Version 1.6 (2022/Feb/20) Brewer (latest in-dev)
No brewer available at the moment
Less games, more stable.
Older releases
More games, more intense changes.
Might not work. Updated irregularly.

There's an experimental Linux version of Kahvibreak: Kahvibreak on Linux (beta)

You will need a full-sized keyboard to play. Here are the controls:

The numpad is laid out like a phone keypad (with the 7/8/9 and 1/2/3 key rows reversed).
Q and W are soft keys, E and R serve as * and #, and you can navigate with the arrow keys and Enter.
Both emulators use the same control scheme.

The full games list is available.
We're a small team that's devoted to our work, but we need help from people like you for anything from finding games on old cellphones to testing and curating games. If you wish to join the project and help, we have a Discord server and a wanted games list.
The name 'Kahvibreak' comes from the Finnish word for 'coffee'.
We're using a slightly modified Flashpoint Launcher for Kahvibreak. You can find the source here.