A lazy GameMaker game archival project

A shot of instance_archive's collection.

instance_archive is a ragtag collection of freely available games programmed in the GameMaker platform pre-Studio era (between original release and 8.1). These games are becoming unplayable on modern systems via traditional means the older they get; games made in anything pre 6.1 is a crapshoot, with attempts at running them (and earlier versions of GameMaker itself, funnily enough) on a modern 64-bit Windows 10 machine resulting in them instantly crashing.

instance_archive is a collection of GameMaker games, ready to be run with a launcher. The games included have been converted with the official GameMaker 6.1 conversion tool to run on higher versions of Windows than XP, and everything should, hopefully, just work. (Original EXEs are included alongside the modified ones for posterity.)

While the organizing and testing is mainly a solo effort, thanks need to go out to Dri0m, who helped me unpack the ArchiveTeam's efforts to backup the YoYo Games Sandbox, and the ArchiveTeam for doing that backup effort in the first place. Sources include that backup,,'s automated grabs of zips, and a few other, smaller websites.

This collection is technically curated. There are a little over 880 games in here; the notable ones include a selection of the most played games on the Sandbox, all the Featured games on the Sandbox, all the highly rated games on, the full collections of a few notable authors, and a couple of other miscellanious ones (like the old site's showcase). I don't guarantee the quality of anything here, but at the same time, they probably had to have been well liked to get in here.

At the moment, instance_archive is, I'll admit, pretty slapshod. I did originally keep small amounts of metadata on everything that was going in the collection, but after a while I just gave up on the idea, and went for a "make sure it works then throw it in" approach. If you have complaints, please, tell me when I don't have both Flashpoint and instance_archive to work on.

You can download instance_archive by clicking on this sentence. Last updated 15/10/2021. You can also grab it from

You can join us on our Discord where I sometimes can work on this project; I generally beep people when I have time to update it.

More coming soon.