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With the death of Flash in 2020, other creators are attempting to preserve webgame efforts via ports, compilations or remakes of their games. This page documents these efforts for the public record.

Preserved Content: What the item in question intends to preserve.

Method: How this content will be playable.

Description: More facts about such.

Original Files: Whether it's the original SWFs being utilized, or if they have been modified/discarded (i.e. remake).

Link: A link to where the item is on the internet.


Name of Item Method Description Original Files Link
Ruffle Browser Extension An open source port of Flash in the Rust programming language. Yes


Website Name Method Description Original Files Link
Newgrounds Ruffle Newgrounds has adopted Ruffle as their player for displaying Flash web content. Yes


These are efforts made by individual Developer/Creators to preserve their entire portfolio.

Developer/Creator Name of Item Method Description Original Files Link
Ninja Kiwi Ninja Kiwi Archive Steam Game A collection of the Flash games in a standalone launcher on Steam, tied to their web server as the web versions were Yes? (Hard to confirm)
Nitrome N/A HTML5 Port of Flash A Flash shell is being made by creator Poki that will run their entire catalog of games natively, with games being rolled out over time. Yes?
Edmund McMillen (Bluebaby) The Basement Collection Steam Game Adobe Air versions of Edmund McMillen's Flash games with extra content. Costs $4 but often goes on sale. Yes

Individual Games/Series

Game Name of Item Method Description Original Files Link
Henry Stickmin Series The Henry Stickmin Collection Steam Game A remaster with extra content of the original Flash series No
Sierra 7 Same name Mobile Game A remaster of the original Flash game with extra content and microtransactions (but still free to play) No
Club Penguin Club Penguin Rewritten Browser Game and Browser extension A rehosting of the original game with extra content and no member fees Yes