Updating the Master List

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This page describes how Flashpoint's database was used to export and update this wiki's Game Master List and Animation Master List; see Searching the Collection nowadays.

The latest Flashpoint database file is used during the process.

Exporting CSV Files

Follow these steps to export the entire game/animation database as a CSV file:

  1. Download, install and open DB Browser for SQLite.
  2. Open the flashpoint.sqlite file (File -> Open Database...)
  3. Click File -> Export -> Table(s) to CSV file...
  4. Select the game table and leave all other options at their default values. Save the file.

Next, follow these steps to create separate game and animation CSV files:

  1. Download and run CSVFileView.
  2. Open the CSV file that you exported.
  3. In the Options menu, change the "Unicode/Ascii Default Open Mode" to UTF-8. Then change the "Unicode/Ascii Save Mode" to "Always UTF-8."
  4. In the Options menu, check "Add header line to CSV/Tab-Delimited File." Then check the "Allow MultiLine Fields" option.
  5. Click the Refresh button to reload the file.
  6. Click View -> Edit Display Filter. Check "Use the following display filter", then type one of the following:
    • library = 'arcade' for the Game Master List
    • library = 'theatre' for the Animation Master List
  7. Click View -> Choose Columns and check only these columns: title, series, developer, publisher, platform.
  8. Click File -> Save All Items. Save as the CSV file type.