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For technologies which are still to be added, see Technologies to Add.

Some of these title levels could use shrinking down by removing a few equalses.

It may also be worth including the versions older plugins like Java were added in for completion's sake.

Added in Flashpoint 8.1


Pulse3D was previously called "Platinum VRML."


Available from MICD2001_11_NR2.iso here:


Netscape version:

Examples CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search


Browser plugins (at least the NPAPI one, didn't check ActiveX) seem to look for Pulse by using ShGetFolderPathA to find CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE | CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES if that function exists (and if not, looking at a Registry entry).

Some files seem to need a command sent to the plugin (for example, Fozzie needs "play obj=Dummy01 pkg=assets/fozzie/Package2.pws transition=0.30 heading=yes behave=joke"). The NPAPI version of the plugin looks like it relies on LiveConnect, which might not be supported in Basilisk.

Added in Flashpoint 8.2



A list of some VRML players:

Cosmo Player:



*; Also contains links to other places containing VRML content.

Problems Encountered
  • Flux Player 2.1 is stuck loading under TheWorld 3.5.03
  • Too many players with variations: Which ones should get included?
  • Live3D: Crashes on page navigation resolvable by using in Netscape 4
  • Cosmo Player: Struggles with large worlds. Direct3D renderer (the default) seems to cause dropped polygons (in Mod Gun and Beat Monk Bash at least) and drifting cameras (in Mod Dance Party) and wrongly rendering textures (in Dilbert animation I Think Therefore I Am). Have been unable to get software renderer to work. OpenGL renderer (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CosmoSoftware\CosmoPlayer\2.1.1\renderer = OPENGL) seems to work fine on one system, needs testing before any decision to hardcode.
  • Blaxxun Contact 4.4: If a world has sounds but a sound has not played yet, low FPS. This seems to occur in a full install too.
  • Blaxxun Contact 4.4: Some worlds rely on RealPlayer G2. Include in Blaxxun config? Example world:

Tcl Plugin


See for many examples.

Problems Encountered

The Tcl plugin may not load unless these conditions are met:

  1. The page with the Tcl embed has to be the first page loaded by the browser (not counting about:home).
  2. The page must be allowed to complete loading without scrolling the page or moving the mouse over the embed area.

Tested in latest K-Meleon (non-Goanna) version on 2019-08-17.



Added in Flashpoint 10.0

There were multiple other plugins added to 10.0 that are not listed here, as they never were added to this page.

Adobe Atmosphere

Wikipedia page Logo Discussion

Problems Encountered
  • The Javascript used by Galleries doesn't seem to work in newer IE. Curation guide might need to specify replacing the gallery's Javascript with code to create the <object> tag. This appears to because of a use of VBScript. VBScript can be reenabled via registry, or it might be cleaner to replace the JS. VBScript and galleries work fine as-is in Flashpoint Secure Player.
  • Some older Atmosphere worlds don't work in the plugin. Newer worlds (including galleries) won't work fully in the standalone player.
  • Low FPS. Can seemingly be fixed by changing "Throttle when not active". Hardware acceleration can be added by editing a text file, but it results in oddities in the tic tac toe world (
  • Cannot point plugin directly at an .aer file, an <object> tag must be used. (This is an original Adobe Atmosphere limitation)
  • Some worlds automatically close chat. Some other worlds put useful information in the chat. The chat open/closed preference is saved, so worlds with chat should probably have some code to open chat embedded.
  • Excessive caching may be a possibility.
  • Stairs are tricky to climb. Could be related to missing avatars? Might want to include default avatar in htdocs.

Alambik Player


Alambik website



Problems Encountered
  • It doesn't work with the proxy, loading from the live web. This was fixed by adding FlashpointProxy.dll (twice).
  • It requests data —‌ specifically, a version number — from the registry. It gives a popup, but clicking "No" allows the application to play. Fixed by using FSP in Basilisk.
  • Using FSP with the standalone player gives "The process failed to start" as a popup, and "An error occured while activating the Mode." in the logs. Fixed with a config file tweak.
  • It requests some tracking files. We will use dummy files.
    • It doesn't recognize the dummy files and Not really that important.
Support Pack

Details on how to add the Support Pack are in this Discord message.

Curation Tutorial

The tutorial is located at Alambik Curation.

AXEL Player



Plugin page



Wikipedia article

A plugin for Rebol, a cross-platform programming language. The plugin exists for both Internet Explorer and Netscape-based browsers, but may be better tested in the former. It seems like most embeds have been written expecting one or the other.

Support pack

Xara Plugin


Plugin downloads (archived)