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This is a list of web game technologies that we hope to support in the future. If you'd like to help us add one of these technologies to Flashpoint, please join the #development-chat channel in our Discord.

QuickTime VR

Download Links

Example Games/Applications

Please add some links here!

Problems Encountered

Uses the Windows system directory and is not portable.

Burster 3D

Download Links

Example Games/Applications


Download Links*/

Available from MICD2001_11_NR2.iso here:

Example Games/Applications CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search

Atomic 3D / Neutron Viewer

Download Links*/*

Example Games/Applications

lost 3D model of a nuclear power plant

Tcl Plugin

academic paper

Japanese presentation

Download Links

Example Games/Applications

See for many examples.

Problems Encountered

The Tcl plugin may not load unless these conditions are met:

  1. The page with the Tcl embed has to be the first page loaded by the browser (not counting about:home).
  2. The page must be allowed to complete loading without scrolling the page or moving the mouse over the embed area.

Tested in latest K-Meleon (non-Goanna) version on 2019-08-17.