Submitting a Curation

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  1. Head to the Flashpoint Discord server. If this is your first time curating, upload your submission to #curator-auditions on Discord and wait for a curator to check it. If your submission is valid, you will be given a special Trial Curator role that will allow you to post messages in the curation channels. Otherwise, you'll be told how to correct your submission. Remember to keep all discussion inside #curator-lounge. This applies to all parts of the curation process.
  2. Once you have the Trial Curator role, you may post your submission in the correct curation channel with the title of the curation in your message. If it's a Flash game, put it in #flash-game-curations. If the game uses a separate technology, put it in #other-game-curations. If it's an animation and not a game, put it in #animation-curations. If the zipped file is too large for Discord, check the respective channel descriptions for an alternative uploading option - you won't need to provide a download link as long as the filename is something obvious.
  3. Congratulations! Your submitted game/animation will appear in the next version of Flashpoint.