Submitting a Curation

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Submitting a Curation

Submissions are uploaded in the Flashpoint Submission System, which requires you to join our Discord server first. An explanation on how the site works is shown here.

If your file is too large for the system, please upload it to our site Bluepload instead and link the generated file in our server. If you have any questions, ask in #curator-lounge and a Curator will answer them.

After you have uploaded your curation in the website, a Curator will check it. This can take some time, so please be patient. You will be pinged in #fpfss-notifications about whether or not your submission was approved, and if any changes to it need to be made.

Once your first submission is approved, you'll be given the Trial Curator role. That means you will be able to submit more curations and upload bigger files.

Congratulations! Your submitted game/animation will appear in the next version of Flashpoint.