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This page contains information and tips on curating Shockwave games. Please watch this video before curating Shockwave games:

The video is long, but information packed! Hopefully it isn't too confusing - if you have any questions please ask in this channel. The link at the bottom of this page has the files in the video. The video is still up to date as of 2019-03-17, though there will likely be changes to how curations work soon.


Here are Application Paths/Launch Commands you can copy-paste into Flashpoint Core for each of the publishers mentioned in the video - be sure to substitute in your game's name/URL. Robotduck's includes the security code that is required.


Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR Launch Command: "" --do "member('gameName').text = 'space.dcr'" --forceTheExitLock 0


Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR Launch Command: "" --setTheRunMode "Plugin" --setExternalParam "sw1" "code=3952e9a8f4df995e30686249eb94825d4b84ae" --disableGoToNetPage --bugfixShockwave3DBadDriverList

Silent Bay Studios

Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ1159\SPR Launch Command: "" --do "member('gameUrl').text = ''"

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