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This page contains information and tips on curating Shockwave games. Please watch this video before curating Shockwave games:

The video is long, but information packed! Hopefully it isn't too confusing - if you have any questions please ask in #shockwave-chat on the Flashpoint Discord server. The link at the bottom of this page has the files in the video. The video is still up to date as of 2019-03-17, though there will likely be changes to how curations work soon.


Here are Application Paths/Launch Commands you can copy-paste into Flashpoint Core for each of the publishers mentioned in the video - be sure to substitute in your game's name/URL. Robotduck's includes the security code that is required.


Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR

Launch Command:

"" --do "member('gameName').text = 'space.dcr'" --forceTheExitLock 0


Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR

Launch Command:

"" --setTheRunMode "Plugin" --setExternalParam "sw1" "code=3952e9a8f4df995e30686249eb94825d4b84ae" --disableGoToNetPage --bugfixShockwave3DBadDriverList

Silent Bay Studios

Application Path: Games\Shockwave\PJ1159\SPR

Launch Command:

"" --do "member('gameUrl').text = ''"

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