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This article describes how the search system in the Flashpoint Launcher works.


  • Flashpoint uses docopt parsing: ([-][[(no|not|missing|is|has|<field>):]|[@|#|!]](<phrase>|"<phrase>"))...
  • A search query can contain any number of phrases (tag:arcade tag:platformer platform:flash jump run)
  • Phrases containing spaces must be wrapped in quotes or will count as separate parameters (developer:"Firstname Lastname")
  • Searches are not case sensitive, can have incomplete names (except tags) and a name backwards (both nana cr and CRASH NANACA will find NANACA†CRASH!!)
  • Phrases without metadata prefixes are matched against a curation's Title, Alternate Titles, Developer and Publisher. The phrase only has to match one of these fields for the game to be included.

Metadata Prefixes

Prefix Example
title: title:Bowman
alternateTitles: alternateTitles:II
series: series:Sonny
developer: developer:Devname
publisher: publisher:Newgrounds
playMode: playMode:"Single Player"
status: status:Partial
releaseDate: releaseDate:2010-01
version: version:2.0
language: language:pt
tag: tag:Toy
platform: platform:Flash
applicationPath: applicationPath:Basilisk
launchCommand: launchCommand:localflash
notes: notes:Extras
originalDescription: originalDescription:ninja
id: id:cdeb30c5

broken: and extreme: are special cases since their values are boolean; for example, broken: without a phrase will display games that are not broken in Infinity while broken:1 (or any other phrase) will search the opposite. You still must enable broken in Infinity (for Infinity users) and extreme games in the Launcher to see these.

Other Prefixes

Prefix Explanation Example
- Excludes a parameter from the search. Can be used as part of other prefixes. -tag:Soccer
no: The field that matches the phrase must be false or empty. not: and missing: have the same purpose. no:releaseDate
has: The field that matches the phrase must be true or not empty. is: has the same purpose. is:extreme
@ Short-hand for developer:. @Devname
# Short-hand for tag:. #Shooter
 ! Short-hand for platform:. !Unity