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Request a game you would like to see in the next version of Flashpoint.
#REDIRECT [[Game_Request_Form]]
Before requesting a game, make sure it follows these requirements below:
# The game is a webgame that's played through an internet browser.
# The game is not in the [[Game Master List]].
# The game is fully working at the link you found.
# The game is not heavily online dependent, such as online multiplayer games, MMOs, or social media games; currently they're too difficult to save.
# The game is not a desktop game or mobile game based on a webgame (such as Insaniquarium Deluxe on desktop, or Robot Unicorn Attack 3 on mobile).
# The game is not an emulator that's prepackaged with a ROM.
If, for any reason, the game is not fully working on your device, do not make the request! Ask about the game in the [http://discord.gg/S9uJ794 Flashpoint Discord server], and we will check whether the game works.
If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please visit us at the Flashpoint Discord server.

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