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This is page of all web game/animation technologies ("Platforms") supported by Flashpoint.

Here's what each column in each table means:

  • Short Name: The name of the technology displayed in Flashpoint Launcher.
  • Official Name: The official name(s) of the technology. Useful for searching for information about the technology or looking for games online.
  • Entry Count: Number of game/animations for this technology in Flashpoint. Only updated every once in a while, so it may not be 100% accurate.
  • Default Application: The path to the default application used to launch a game of this technology.
  • Curation Tutorial: A link to a curation tutorial for this technology. Some tutorials are not available yet, so please help create them if you can!
  • Common File Extensions: List of the common file extensions associated with each platform.
Short Name Official Name Entry Count Default Application Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Flash Adobe Flash Player 56808 FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe Curation Tutorial, Flash Curation .swf
HTML5 HTML, HTML5, WebGL, or WebAssembly 4006 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe HTML5 Curation .html, .htm
Shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player 2520 FPSoftware\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR.exe Shockwave Curation .dcr, .dir, .dxr, .cct, .cst, .cxt
Unity Unity Web Player 790 FPSoftware\startUnity.bat Unity Curation .unity3d
Java Java Applets 708 FPSoftware\startJava.bat Java Curation .class
Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight 194 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Silverlight Curation .xap
ShiVa3D ShiVa3D Plugin 140 FPSoftware\startShiVa.bat ShiVa3D Curation .stk
3DVIA Player 3DVIA Player, 3D Life Player, Virtools Player 121 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe 3DVIA Curation .cmo, .vmo
ActiveX Each game generally uses its own ActiveX control name 89 FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat ActiveX Curation .cab, .dll, .ocx
Viscape Superscape Viscape 103 FPSoftware\startSVR.bat Viscape Curation .svr
Authorware Authorware Web Player 77 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Authorware Curation .aam
Vitalize Clickteam Vitalize! 146 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Vitalize Curation .ccn
3D Groove GX 3D Groove GX 31 FPSoftware\startGroove.bat No more games available to curate .grv
Hypercosm Hypercosm Player 16 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Hypercosm Curation .hcvm
PopCap Plugin PopCap Plugin 12 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe All games already curated
GoBit GoBit Games Plugin 2 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe All games already curated
Pulse Pulse Player 9 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Pulse Curation .pwc, .pws
Burster Burster Plugin 8 FPSoftware\startBurster.bat Burster Curation .blend
Tcl Tcl Plugin 7 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Tcl Curation .tcl
VRML VRML 11 See the Curation Tutorial VRML Curation .wrl, .wrz