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These are games/animations not allowed in Flashpoint for any reason. You can make an effort to get them working in Flashpoint if you want, but you may not request or submit them.

  • Games/animations that are still on sale, we will not distribute currently paid content. (Don't forget that some games start in web browsers for free then get paid versions later, the web browser version would be allowed in Flashpoint in this case; be sure to check the history before you archive.)
  • Games that require a server and have zero single player content. The amount of work it takes to preserve these is too high relative to what else we can be working on.
  • Any outright emulation of a commercial game (Such as a swf of Contra which contains the Contra ROM image). Ports of games are absolutely fine, but games that are a ROM wrapped in an emulator are not allowed unless they contain only non-commercial games and/or allow you to load your own.
  • Videos embedded in SWF files. If it plays perfectly fine in VLC Media Player, it doesn't belong in Flashpoint; please upload it to the Internet Archive instead.
    • This means that your curation can't be only a video embedded in a SWF. Games, animations and websites that use video are allowed, and you should include the video files and/or SWFs containing video in the curation.

It should go without saying that blatantly illegal games/animations are not allowed, either.

Companies, developers and games who have opted out of Flashpoint

The following parties have requested that their content be excluded from Flashpoint. Please refrain from curating any content by the following developers or any of the following games.

Type Name Conditions
Developer Nitrome All games and animations
Developer XForm Games All games and animations (previously curated content can stay)
Developer All games and animations, including Dragon Ball Devolution
Developer Farrago Fiction All games and animations
Developer Anonymous-Frog All games and animations
Game Windows 93 Windows 93
Game Flash Flash Revolution Flash Flash Revolution