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There are games not allowed in Flashpoint for any reason, and should therefore be avoided for those reasons:

  • Games that are still on sale. You may make an effort to get them working in Flashpoint if you want, but we will not distribute currently paid content. (Don't forget that some games start in web browsers for free then get paid versions later, the web browser version would be allowed in Flashpoint in this case; be sure to check the history before you archive.)
  • Games that require a server and have zero single player content. The amount of work it takes to preserve these is too high relative to what else we can be working on.
  • Any outright emulation of a non-Public Domain game. Ports of games are absolutely fine, but games that are a ROM wrapped in an emulator are not allowed unless they contain Public Domain games or allow you to load your own. Emulators are allowed provided they don't include any games that aren't Public Domain.
  • Any game from XForm Games (At their request)
  • Windows 93 (At their request)
  • Dragon Ball Devolution and other games from (At their request)
  • Any game developed by Nitrome (At their request)

It should go without saying that blatantly illegal games are not allowed, either.