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Shows how to find the ID of a game in Flashpoint Launcher.

This page describes how to submit metadata changes to games or animations that are already in Flashpoint. BlueMaxima will use this tool to make these changes. If you would like to test whether your text file works, follow the instructions on that page to install and use the tool.

All metadata changes should be submitted in our #pending-fixes channel on Discord, including game/animation assets if necessary.

First, use your copy of Flashpoint to find the ID of the game/animation that you wish to change.

  1. Click the entry to select it.
  2. On the right sidebar, click the pencil button. If this button is not available, click the Config tab of the launcher and check the Enable Editing box.
  3. Copy the ID shown. An example is shown on the right.

Next, create a text file using this ID. The text file should specify the new value for each field you would like to update. The example below will change the Developer and Publisher of the entry for Elephant Quest.

GAME 1e2f9810-f19f-4caa-bedb-1124ab04a630
Developer: Armor Games; jmtb02; Jimp
Publisher: Armor Games

You can also specify more than one game in this text file. This enables batch-editing. The example below will update the entries for Elephant Quest, Sushi Cat, and Sushi Cat 4: The Honeymoon.

GAME 1e2f9810-f19f-4caa-bedb-1124ab04a630
Developer: Armor Games; jmtb02; Jimp
Publisher: Armor Games
GAME 59041e00-c77d-4cc1-a00e-5a1161d84cea
Developer: Armor Games; JoeyBetz; Jimp
Series: Sushi Cat
GAME 35b1a44e-6356-00ef-6e51-d38dbb77dc6b
Developer: Armor Games; JoeyBetz; Jimp
Series: Sushi Cat

If your metadata edit is short, you may paste it directly into a Discord message if you wish, rather than uploading a text file.

Before you submit your metadata edit, be sure to add a descriptive label at the top of your message. For example, you might add a line that says "Update metadata for Elephant Quest, Sushi Cat, and Sushi Cat 4" to the metadata edit above.

Submitting Assets

If a game/animation needs content files added, submit a ZIP file containing the game/animation files, in the same format as the content folder of a standard curation. Submit the ZIP file by either uploading the file directly to Discord or uploading the file to our public upload service and sharing the link to the file.

If content files already in Flashpoint need to be moved or deleted, include those instructions in your Discord message.

Submitting Alternates

In addition to metadata changes for existing entries, it is possible to submit alternate versions of games/animations that are already in Flashpoint. Alternates are listed on the right sidebar of Flashpoint Launcher when an entry is selected. Although the format of an alternate submission is similar to that of a metadata edit, BlueMaxima adds alternates manually. So, be sure to indicate the title of the game/animation in your submission to make the process easier.

To submit an alternate, first follow the instructions in the "Submitting Assets" section. If you would like to submit Extras, just include an Extras folder in your ZIP file. If any other files are required (such as a Shockwave Xtra), include those as well. In your message, include the name of the entry to be modified, the name of the alternative app as will be shown in the launcher, and the launch command for said alternative app. Include any additional instructions for BlueMaxima if applicable. It should look something like this, but as long as you have all the essentials in the message in a not-stupid way, it should be okay:

Alternative App for Alien Hominid (Flash), Big Head Mod,

(link to folder here)