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This is a list of mentions of Flashpoint via media sources from around the internet (news websites, YouTube videos, social media posts, etc).

News Articles

Flashpoint is archiving Flash games before they disappear forever

The Flash Games Preservation project Flashpoint

Flashpoint Preserves over 10,000 Web-Based Flash Games; Playable With New Launcher

Flash Games As We Know Them Will Die Forever In 2020. One Guy Is Trying To Save Them All

Adobe Flashのサポート終了まであと2年。消えゆくFlashゲームを保存する「Flashpoint」の登録作品がリリースから1年で1万タイトルを超える

Archiwum gier flashowych Flashpoint uchroni klasyki przed zapomnieniem

Over 36,000 Flash Games Have Been Saved And Are Now Playable Offline


PC Perspective Podcast #542

Linux for Everyone #8

Gamer Heroes #95 (01:02:35)

YouTube Videos

Top 15 BEST Flash Games of All Time! (RIP Flash)

15 Of The Most Underrated Flash Games of All Time!

Flash's Final Days: A Retrospective

The Strange World of Cartoon Network Adventure Games

Social Media

Reddit r/Games post #1

Reddit r/Games post #2

Reddit r/Emulation post

Reddit r/DataHoarder post

Reddit r/YouShouldKnow post

Tumblr post 1

Tumblr post 2


Antony Lavelle demo reel (Antony said himself that he used Flashpoint to record this footage)

YouTuber grayfruit streams Flash games with Flashpoint(you can see a quick glimpse at 4 minutes, he also mentions Flashpoint several times)