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Welcome to the Flashpoint Database!

This is still a work-in-progress; please leave any questions in the #help-me-please channel in our Discord.

Statistics: There are 81 articles, 264 users and 744 files.

General Project Information

  • Game Master List - All the games in the latest release of Flashpoint.
  • Animation Master List - All the animations in the latest release of Flashpoint.
  • Extended FAQ - A frequently-expanding FAQ about all aspects of the project.
  • Readme - The most up-to-date Readme for Flashpoint.
  • How Flashpoint Works - An explanation of the basic concepts behind how Flashpoint functions.
  • Media - A list of mentions of Flashpoint from around the web.
  • Not Accepted Games - Games matching the criteria laid out here are not allowed in Flashpoint for any reason.
  • Curating for Flashpoint

  • Curation Tutorial - Read this page before curating!
  • Curation Format - How to set up the curation itself.
  • Submitting a Curation - How to submit a curation once you've zipped it up.
  • Platforms - A table of all the web game technologies we currently support, with links to curation tutorials for each technology.
  • Tags - A list of tags that you can apply to games you curate.
  • MAD4FP - How to use this special mode of Flashpoint Infinity to easily download games from the Internet.
  • YAML Format - How to use YAML-formatted metadata in your curations.
  • Other Tutorials

  • Extracting Flash Games - General info about working with SWF files.
  • Troubleshooting Antivirus Interference - How to get Flashpoint running if you have Avast or AVG antivirus.
  • Other Ways to Contribute

  • Help Wanted List - Technologies and features we need help implementing in Flashpoint.
  • Help Wanted Games - A list of some (not all!) of the games we need help adding to Flashpoint.
  • Games Lost - A short list of some of the games we'd most like to find. If you have information about them, let us know!
  • Linux Support - Information about Flashpoint support on Linux systems. This is a work in progress, and we could always use help with testing and making new packages!
  • Testing Results - If you've successfully completed a game or found a bug, report that here.
  • Reference

  • Flash EOL - The roadmap for the end of support for Flash Player, as outlined by the various companies involved.
  • Helpful Tools - Tools that help with curating and archiving websites.
  • Multiplayer Games - An incomplete list of multiplayer games we've found.
  • Save Data Locations - A list of all the locations of game save files in Flashpoint.
  • Shockwave Xtras - List of all of the Shockwave Xtras added to Flashpoint.
  • Requests & Issues

  • Requests System - An overview of the Flashpoint Requests system.
  • Requests Sheet - How to use the Requests Google Sheet.
  • Game Request Form - Everything you need to know to request a game.
  • Animation Request Form - Everything you need to know to request an animation.
  • Metadata Edits - How to submit fixes or alternate versions of games/animations.
  • Trello - An overview of our Trello boards for tracking issues in the project.
  • You can also view every page on the Wiki (some of them may be outdated): Special:AllPages