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MAD4FP, or Multi-Asset Downloader for Flashpoint, is a mode of Flashpoint Infinity for easily downloading multi-asset games. This article explains how to set up and use this mode.

Setting Up MAD4FP

Follow these steps to activate MAD4FP:

  1. If you are using an old version of Flashpoint Infinity, update Flashpoint Router.
  2. Navigate into the Server folder of your Flashpoint Infinity folder.
  3. Open the router.php file using a text editor such as Notepad.
  4. Find the line that says const ROUTER_MAD4FP = false; and change the false part to true. Save the file.

Using MAD4FP

  1. In Flashpoint Infinity, click New Game on the bottom-right corner of the launcher. If you do not see a New Game button, switch to the Config tab and check "Enable Editing."
    • Alternatively, you can switch to the Curate tab, then click New Curation instead of New Game. For more information about using the Curate tab, see Curation Tutorial.
  2. Enter the title and platform of the game, and any other metadata you wish. For the Launch Command, paste the URL of the page where the game is located. If you plan to use the Flash projector, paste the direct link to the game SWF instead.
    • Note that if the original URL uses HTTPS, you will need to replace https with http.
  3. For the Application Path, click the dropdown and choose the appropriate application in Flashpoint for the type of game you are curating.
  4. Double-click the game to launch it. The game should load in the application you specified. Watch the Logs tab of Flashpoint Launcher as you play the game.
  5. Once all of the assets seem to have loaded, navigate to Flashpoint's Server\htdocs folder and sort the contents by Date Modified. Determine which files and folders belong to the game you just downloaded.
  6. Copy the files and folders from the htdocs folder to your curation's content folder, retaining the same structure. Refer to the Curation Tutorial.

Turning Off MAD4FP

After you're done using MAD4FP, you will need to turn it off to use Flashpoint Infinity normally. To do this, follow the steps described in Setting Up MAD4FP, but change true back to false.