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Basic Instructions

  • Download Kahvibreak. (You can use just the regular distro.)
  • Add your JAR file to the Games folder. Please note that it has to be all one word, eg shorten "Gangstar - Crime City.jar" to "Gangstar.jar" (it's a limit with how KEmulator & FreeJ2ME load filenames over CMD)
  • Turn on Edit mode in the launcher (Config tab).
  • Make a new entry by using New Game in the bottom right when on the game list, then use "Software\KLaunch.bat" for Application Path if you want KEmulator or "Software\FreeLaunch.bat" if you want FreeJ2ME. We also have an older version of KEmulator that you may want to try using if the JAR crashes, the sound is off, or if something else is weird; use "Software\KLaunch98.bat" for that one.
  • Launch Command is formatted like so for KEmulator and FreeJ2ME:
Gangstar.jar 128 128 200 30
  • The first argument is the name of the .jar you want to load from the Games folder, simple enough.
  • The second and third argument are the width and height. There are multiple resolutions that can work; look for them on the zip file/site you get your JAR from. It will probably look wrong (cropped/in the top left corner) if the resolution is not correct.
  • The fourth argument is the overall scale in %, in the example 200 is 200% so the 128x128 game will be shown as 256x256. Try and make your game fit in 720p screens, basic math is all you need to make sure the height won't be larger than 720.
  • The fifth argument is only for FreeJ2ME, it changes what framerate the game runs at. Accepted vaules are 60, 30 and 15. Not including this parameter will have the framerate be infinite, which can break some games.
    • This setting does not effect KEmulator and can be left out. If you need to change the framerate in KEmulator, use Software\KLaunchFPS10, Software\KLaunchFPS15 or Software\KLaunchFPS60 as your Application Path. (It should be obvious what they set framerate to.) The default framerate is 30, although KEmulator is usually better at detecting what the framerate should be compared to FreeJ2ME.
  • Once you have these correct, hit the tick, launch the game by double clicking. If it looks and runs fine (play a bit through a couple of levels, preferably the whole game if you have the time) set it up like the example curation and send it in. If it doesn't work, try a few things:
    • Use the other emulator (FreeLaunch.bat / KLaunch.bat)
    • Use the older version of KEmulator (KLaunch98.bat)
    • Use this Application Path: Software\KLaunchFS / Software\KLaunch98FS.bat
    • If none of these work, report it to us on the Discord. Sometimes the emulators don't support certain games, sometimes the JAR is bad, sometimes it's an edge case that we may be able to fix.
  • If you have multiple versions of the same game (resolutions, for example) find the largest resolution you can that works the best and have that be the default. Put in the Author Notes section the Launch Commands and names of other said versions. For example, if that Gangstar curation had two versions (say Gangstar.jar and Gangstar64x64.jar) you would use the regular Gangstar.jar in the Launch Command line and then on Author Notes include something like "64x64 version 'Gangstar64x64.jar 64 64 1200'" and I'll add the alt version manually when I add it.

Example Curation

An example curation is available here which you should download and study: Gangstar Crime City

The curation is a holdover from the old format used by Flashpoint, so a few things remain the same.

  • The logo and screenshot work the same way (correct procedure and extra examples are at the links). Save as PNG and put in the right place with the right name (logo.png / ss.png).
  • The JAR file should be placed by itself in the 'content' folder. It would be nice if you could make sure that the file is named differently from every other file in the Games directory already, just to make things easier on me.
  • The meta.txt file should be easy to understand if you take a few minutes to read it.
    • Extreme should be "Yes" for games with pornographic images or extreme violence.
    • Application Path and Launch Command you should know already.
    • Platform is always J2ME.
    • Look through already included games in Kahvibreak for example genres.
  • Make sure it's all in a folder with the name of the game just for easy organization, zip it up and send it in. You can send multiple games in one zip as long as they are in seperate folders.