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== Guide ==
#REDIRECT [[Curation Tutorial]]
* Download [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qoQc32vQ7nnTmYMle1uCpluYenY61Biy/view Flashpoint Core 3], a lightweight developer version of Flashpoint
* Most games are tested within <code>Flashpoint Core X.X/Server/htdocs</code>. X.X is the version number
* Make note of the direct URL to the game's main files you've extracted
<blockquote>'''Important''', for most non-flash games, you need to save not only the game main file, but also the HTML code snippet in which the main file is embedded - place that in an index.html file, and keep reading </blockquote>
* Within htdocs, make a folder with the website name
** i.e. <code>newgrounds.com</code>, <code>static.nickjr.com</code>, etc
* Within that folder, begin mimicking the URL by building corresponding subdirectories.
** i.e. <code>newgrounds.com/alienhominid/59593_alien_booya202c.swf</code> - you would make an <code>alienhominid</code> subfolder, if your url has more, keep adding subfolders until it looks like your url
* Finally, place your game's main files in the last subfolder (along with an <code>index.html</code> if you've created one)
'''Now that you have the code set up correctly in htdocs:'''
* Open up Flashpoint Core and click on New Game on the bottom right corner
* Click on <u>Application Path</u> and select the appropriate path for your extracted game
** i.e. flashplayer.exe for flash, startUnity.bat for Unity, etc.
* The <u>Launch command</u> should be the exact URL to where you extracted the game
** '''However''', for most non-Flash games, you need to link it to the html in which the game is embedded
* If you want to edit these locations later, head to the Arcade tab and select the game (there will be a pencil image and a trash image next to the name) and click the pencil
* You should see a new game in the launcher list
* Run it
== Debugging ==
* Observe the Flashpoint redirector window and see if you're getting 404 errors - you can grab any missing assets or code by going to the indicated URL locations, downloading it and placing it correctly in the htdocs
* Hunt down other websites in which the game has been embedded or even originally hosted if any of the files end up being broken
* If you wish to decompile and look at the code, there are a few tools available.
Flash - [https://www.free-decompiler.com/flash/ JPEXS Flash Decompiler] 
Java - [https://github.com/deathmarine/Luyten/releases/latest Luyten Java Decompiler]
Once it works, follow the instructions on the [[Curation_Format]].

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