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The following index is adapted from parts of the Omniarchive index, with an exclusive focus on the Classic era of the game.

Help with adding all other archived versions listed here as alternates of the current Minecraft Classic would be appreciated.

Dark green Found, in the latest release of Flashpoint
Green Found, awaiting addition to Flashpoint
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Blue Found, but modified
Red Not found, confirmed to have existed
Orange Not found, likely existed
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of existence

Main versions

ID Version Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
c0.0.1a 0.0.1a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.2a 0.0.2a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.3a 0.0.3a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.4a 0.0.4a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.5a 0.0.5a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.6a 0.0.6a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.7a 0.0.7a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.8a 0.0.8a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.9a 0.0.9a 2009-05-16 JAR
c0.0.10a 0.0.10a 2009-05-16 JAR

Launcher updated versions

These versions are hosted on Mojang's official servers and are distributed with the launcher. Thorough investigation, it has been noted that these are not actually the versions they claim to be, and are actually unreleased development versions which were never marked as such, and were simply named for the version that displayed when compiled. These have "-launcher" appended to their IDs to distinguish them.

ID Version Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
c0.0.11a-launcher 0.0.11a 2013-08-06 JAR Launcher Likely an early version of 0.0.12a, due to the presence of early server code.
c0.0.13a-launcher 0.0.13a 2013-08-06 JAR Launcher Likely an earlier version of 0.0.13a for testing world sizes, due to lacking proper terrain generation.
c0.0.13a_03-launcher 0.0.13a_03 2013-08-06 JAR Launcher Some internal differences from the actual 0.0.13a_03, but plays identically.