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This index is adapted from the Flash section on the respective wiki. The index there will likely be more up-to-date than this one. Said wiki also documents the history of the earlier Game Maker game editions.

Dark green Found, in the latest release of Flashpoint
Green Found, awaiting addition to Flashpoint
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Blue Found, but modified
Red Not found, confirmed to have existed
Orange Not found, likely existed
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of existence


The versions containing built-in levels, both hosted on the @coloraze page and distributed to flash game sites across the internet.


Versions intended for playing custom levels in the Coloraze database, found on custom level pages.


Level editor versions of Coloraze intended for the creation of custom levels, connected to the TrackMill API and level database.


The status of these versions is unknown, but they are known to exist or have existed.