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Here are themes for the Launcher that have been made by our community. You can talk about them or ask questions in our Discord in the #launcher-chat channel. If you are interested in making your own themes you can refer to this link in our Discord

Install Themes

Themes are located in Data\Themes in your Flashpoint folder.

Downloadable Themes

Theme Name Version Created by Download Info
ModernLightTheme 0.2 LostError Download A bright modern light theme.

| Exceptional World || 1.0 || Ponblox || Download || This theme pack is based on the Eddsworld internet cartoon series.
This file contains a ReadMe document, it is heavily required that you read it before installing the theme. |- |}

Downloadable Theme Packs

Theme Name Version Created by Download Info
Colorized 1.2 mathgeniuszach Download
Download Expansion
This theme pack allows for customization of 4 main areas of the launcher with any color variation.
Colors included: Bronze, Forest, Gold, Gray, Green, Magenta, Ocean, Orange, Purple, Red, Red Velvet, Silver, Steel Blue, Teal, Yellow.

Default Themes