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Here are themes for the Launcher that have been made by our community. You can talk about them or ask questions in our Discord in our #launcher-chat

Install Themes

Themes are located at /data/themes in your Flashpoint folder

Downloadable Themes

Theme Name Version Created by Download Preview
ModernLightTheme 0.2 LostError [Download] ModrenLightTheme.PNG

Downloadable Theme Packs

Theme Name Version Created by Download Preview
Colorized 1.2 mathgeniuszach [Download] This is the main theme actually allows for customization of 4 main areas of the launcher with any color variation. From within the .root.css, this theme is also required for the theme packs below to work.
Included Colors

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Theme Pack (Bronze, Forest, Gold, Gray, Green, Magenta, Ocean, Orange, Purple, Red, Red Velvet, Silver, Steel Blue, Teal, Yellow) [Download]

Default Themes

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