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<gallery mode="slideshow" widths=60px heights=60px>
<gallery widths=60px heights=60px mode="slideshow">
File:SteelBlue.PNG|Steel Blue
File:SteelBlue.PNG|Steel Blue

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Below is a list of community themes available for Flashpoint Launcher.

Theme Name Version Created by Download Preview
Metal 2.0 Wumbo Default Theme Metal Theme.png
Smoke 0.1 Obelisk Default Theme Smoke Theme.png
eXPerience 1.0 Wumbo Default Theme EXPerience Theme.png
Millennium 1.2 MagnificentNoodle Default Theme Millennium Theme.png
Flat Metal 2.3.1 Wumbo Default Theme FlatMetal.PNG
Light Neumorphism 1.0 LostError Default Theme LightNeumorphism.PNG
ModernLightTheme 0.2 LostError Coming Soon ModrenLightTheme.PNG