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You can customize how the tech logos look in the Flashpoint launcher. Bellow is a list of the available packs and a comparison between them as of version 8.2. The logos are .pngs with transparency, results may vary depending on the background color of the Launcher Theme you're currently using.


There are 5 logo packs as of 8.2;

  • Default - This pack is the default option. Each is the one that represents the tech the best, usually the most recent logo applies with a few exceptions (End of life Dark Red Shockwave and Flash logos excluded in favor of the iconic Orange and Red).
  • Adobe Blue - In an alternate dystopian reality, Adobe bought all the plugins and they are still actively developed. With that comes a logo change to unify the ecosystem, truly beautiful, the peak of graphic design, perfectly balanced.
  • Millennium - Go back to the early 2000's with these 32x32 pixel art renditions of the default icons.
  • Macintosh - Enjoy the look of the Apple Macintosh System 1 OS icons, in their 32x32 angular monochrome dithering glory, without the boot error most of the machines have nowadays.
  • Old School - Most techs had their logo redesigned during its life cycle, and this pack brings back the first known logo for each of them.


Tech Default Millennium Old School Macintosh Adobe Blue
3D Groove GX 3D Groove GX Logo.png 3D Groove GX Millennium Logo.png 3D Groove GX Old School Logo.png 3D Groove GX Macintosh Logo.png 3D Groove GX Adobe Blue Logo.png
3DVIA Player 3DVIA Player Logo.png 3DVIA Player Millennium Logo.png 3DVIA Player Old School Logo.png 3DVIA Player Macintosh Logo.png 3DVIA Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
ActiveX ActiveX Logo.png ActiveX Millennium Logo.png ActiveX Logo.png ActiveX Macintosh Logo.png ActiveX Adobe Blue Logo.png
Authorware Authorware Logo.png Authorware Millennium Logo.png Authorware Old School Logo.png Authorware Macintosh Logo.png Authorware Adobe Blue Logo.png
Burster Burster Logo.png Burster Millennium Logo.png Burster Logo.png Burster Macintosh Logo.png Burster Adobe Blue Logo.png
Flash Flash Logo.png Flash Millennium Logo.png Flash Old School Logo.png Flash Macintosh Logo.png Flash Adobe Blue Logo.png
GoBit GoBit Logo.png GoBit Millennium Logo.png GoBit Old School Logo.png GoBit Macintosh Logo.png GoBit Adobe Blue Logo.png
HTML5 HTML5 Logo.png HTML5 Millennium Logo.png HTML5 Old School Logo.png HTML5 Macintosh Logo.png HTML5 Adobe Blue Logo.png
Hypercosm Hypercosm Logo.png Hypercosm Millennium Logo.png Hypercosm Logo.png Hypercosm Macintosh Logo.png Hypercosm Adobe Blue Logo.png
Java Java Logo.png Java Millennium Logo.png Java Old School Logo.png Java Macintosh Logo.png Java Adobe Blue Logo.png
PopCap Plugin PopCap Plugin Logo.png PopCap Plugin Millennium Logo.png PopCap Plugin Old School Logo.png PopCap Plugin Macintosh Logo.png PopCap Plugin Adobe Blue Logo.png
Pulse Pulse Logo.png Pulse Millennium Logo.png Pulse Logo.png Pulse Macintosh Logo.png Pulse Adobe Blue Logo.png
ShiVa3D ShiVa3D Logo.png ShiVa3D Millennium Logo.png ShiVa3D Old School Logo.png ShiVa3D Macintosh Logo.png ShiVa3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Shockwave Shockwave Logo.png Shockwave Millennium Logo.png Shockwave Old School Logo.png Shockwave Macintosh Logo.png Shockwave Adobe Blue Logo.png
Silverlight Silverlight Logo.png Silverlight Millennium Logo.png Silverlight Logo.png Silverlight Macintosh Logo.png Silverlight Adobe Blue Logo.png
Tcl Tcl Logo.png Tcl Millennium Logo.png Tcl Old School Logo.png Tcl Macintosh Logo.png Tcl Adobe Blue Logo.png
Unity Unity Logo.png Unity Millennium Logo.png Unity Logo.png Unity Macintosh Logo.png Unity Adobe Blue Logo.png
Viscape Viscape Logo.png Viscape Millennium Logo.png Viscape Millennium Logo.png Viscape Macintosh Logo.png Viscape Adobe Blue Logo.png
Vitalize! Vitalize Logo.png Vitalize Millennium Logo.png Vitalize Old School Logo.png Vitalize Macintosh Logo.png Vitalize Adobe Blue Logo.png
VRML VRML Logo.png VRML Millennium Logo.png VRML Logo.png VRML Macintosh Logo.png VRML Adobe Blue Logo.png