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Why is there no Mac version of Flashpoint?

Redirector used to bypass sitelocks works only on windows. Since macOS is made to be incompatible with everything not made specifically for it, it's impossible to simply rewrite Redirector to work on Mac. If you have neccesary knowledge you're welcome to try, but noone here has time to work on it.

Where can I see what websites have been archived?

https://unstable.life/owncloud/s/rsKMq0VQr44dBxd https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NTdcf0eayp8C1LhbMw9ue74p4EC_tsLUV8KYydLLmNY/

  1. flashfreeze channel on Discord server

What is the difference between requesting and curating a game? Can I "submit" a game?

Requesting - The option nearest to "submitting". You need to fill the request which takes 1-5 minutes. Chance of game being saved by any of the curators is small because there are thousands of games waiting on the list, some even longer than a year. You should try to write engaging description of game and/or reason you want it saved to increase chance of archival.

Curating - You have to test the game using procedure detailed in curation guides. It takes about 30 minutes for the first time. https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/datahub/Your_first_curation_-_an_illustrated_guide is made for beginners working on their first Flash curation. If you curate the game it will be saved and added to the next version of Flashpoint.

What tools should I use to archive whole websites?

HTTrack or wget. You can also use cURLsDownloader or HAR extractor, but they are better for downloading small parts of sites or games.

Why do I need Flashpoint to play SWF files?

Some games have sitelocks, which mean they won't work if they are not embedded in predefinied site. Flashpoint circumvents this, which is why you have to use it.

How do I tell what platform a game is?

If game has .swf file it's flash game. If there's no one file and body of website is part of the game, it's HTML5 game. If game has .dcr file it's Shockwave game. (to be expanded)

Where can I submit my collection of SWFs?

https://unstable.life/owncloud/s/egdmnffEpviRBrz It would be appreciated if you check your collection against masterlist and uploaded only games we don't have in Flashpoint already.

Will the game files disappear in 2020?

They won't disappear by itself. It is just that when Flash support will start being removed from browsers, most of people (who don't downgrade their browser) won't be able to use flash content. In that case sites hosting it might decide to remove flash games, because there won't be nearly anyone playing them.

Why are there no game logos?

1. Not every game has logo. 2. You downloaded flashpoint infinity which doesn't contain screenshots and logos by default.

Why can I not find some games?

1. We might not have that game yet. 2. You searched by some other name of the game (it happens that english sites with games give arbitrary titles to japanese etc. games because they don't know their original titles. 3. You hadn't download other technologies pack in your copy of Flashpoint Infinity.

Why can I not see the logos even though I downloaded them?

You have to switch game screen view mode to grid view.

What is a good tool to decompile/look at the code of/hack SWF files?

i don't know.

what is the legality of this?

If the game is not being sold or paywalled copying it for non-commercial usage is legal. That's why we don't take donations.

Won't the games just be converted to HTML5?

No. The games are not written in HTML They are entirely different programming languages, so it's impossible for them to be converted automativally. Developers could remake Flash games, but there's no guarantee that they'll care.

Can't I use the Wayback Machine to play them?

The game has to be archived there in the first place, so that you'll be able to play them Games with sitelock won't work there even if they are archived.

Can't I just use a Flash projector to play them?

Some games have sitelocks, which mean they won't work if not embedded in predefinied site. Games with sitelock won't work in flash projector because it doesn't embed them there.