Batching Pending Fixes

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Meta Edit JSONs

Batch into folders of approximately 100 at a time. Unzip ZIPs of multiple JSONS when needed.

DarkMoe / Other Non-JSON Meta Edit

Make one using the ID available and treat it like a normal meta edit.

Dupe Checks

Place the names of dupes to be checked in a text file called dupes.txt. Mention whether a game, an animation, or both (one or more in each).

Title Space Removal

Place the names of games to check in a text file called titles.txt.

New Logo / Screenshot

Note the setup of the Flashpoint images folder - It goes Data\Images\(Logos/Screenshots)\(first two digits of ID)\(third and fourth digit of ID)\(images with full ID).png

Recreate this setup with the new logo and screenshot.

Game Fixes

Have a new folder called "Fixes".

Each game gets its own unique folder with the game name inside the Fixes folder, any files included in said folder, and a text file with what to fix (usually the contents of the post in #pending-fixes).

Alternate Versions

This is for new alternate apps that are not fixes to existing games.

Follow the same steps as Fixes, but call the top-level folder "Alternates".

Other Cases

Beep me and ask, I'll edit this page accordingly.