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* The game is in Chinese.  
* The game is in Chinese.  

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This is a list of attempted games that have yet to beaten or completed.
The purpose of the list is to:

  1. Not let text documentation of game attempts be forgotten in comparison to games that are tested and either beaten or completed;
  2. Give context on the expectation on how long to beat or complete a game that was attempted before, more specifically, longer than average games, so that testers do not play these games blind; and
  3. To encourage upcoming and current testers to beat these games that are more generally more time consuming, in addition to testing out the ins and outs of the games to ensure they are fully playable on Flashpoint with little to no problems.

While most sections are self-explanatory, here are a couple of entries that need more explaining:

  • Est. Time to Beat
    • Playing from beginning to end (like finishing the final level or final boss), preferably staying on the main path and avoiding side content (like 3-starring levels before moving on to the next level),
    • unless it's required to progress through the game (like playing previous levels to earn stars to unlock a gate that needs a certain number of stars).
    • Keep in mind of the range of skill levels testers can have, and take these into account for the estimated time.
    • The only time this entry is not used is if it's a linear game with no deviation of content (like a story based game), which would be marked as N/A.
  • Est. Time to Comp. – Trying out and finish everything the game offers as content to be finished
    (such as playing multiple characters, side quests, 3-starring levels, max upgrading everything, branching story paths, etc)
  • Notes – It's important to give as much context to what testers will expect on playing the game as possible, as they will be informed on what kind of game is it, but mainly also what factors contribute to both "Est. Time to Beat" and "Est. Time to Comp." (for example: unskippable cutscenes would unavoidably add to the overall estimated time to beat).

If an attempted game is completed, their entries will be relocated to Attempted Games/Completed.

Game Title Tester Attempted On Est. Time to Beat Est. Time to Comp. Notes
Mahjongg Ryz 2018-11-25 N/A 2-10 hours
  • 5 Mahjong layouts to choose; they are in order determined by difficulty
    (the 5th and last board has the difficulty named "Unbeatable?")
  • The easiest board "Dream - Very Easy" is fairly time-consuming and somewhat easy to lose (compared to recent Mahjong solitaire games I personally played)
  • There's a hint function (located at the top of the screen), but it takes time to make a list of available matches left and how many tiles available to remove
  • The hint function can be obfuscated behind Mahjong tiles
    (for example: the first board), but it can still be clicked
  • No shuffle function; this means if there's no more moves left, it's game over!
  • It takes 10-20 seconds to play a Mahjong layout when selected; this will add to overall playtime over time when retrying the same Mahjong layouts
  • Unsure if the game tracks if a level layout is beaten, probably not...
Pac-Man 3D White House Edition Ryz 2018-11-29 N/A 0.5-1.5 hours
  • It's Pac-Man, but in first person, and horror-oriented!
  • There's a minimap of the maze
  • Starting with 4 health points max, collecting health kits can restore health from ghost attacks
  • Ghosts' attacks in first person POV are horror-oriented, and can be stupid and goofy
  • There is a jumpscare upon trying to enter the ghost spawner door
Arkanoid Flash Ryz 2018-12-01 N/A 3-6.5 hours
  • The default speed of the ball, being at "1", is much faster than normal when compared to a majority of Arkanoid-like or Breakout-like games
  • It is currently unknown how many levels this game has
Mario Forever Flash Ryz 2018-12-01 N/A 5-15 hours
  • There are 4 worlds, with each world containing 4 levels each
    (with the exception of world 4, which has 5 levels); there are 17 levels altogether
  • It is highly recommended to reach Fire Mario form with the Fire Flower
    and remain in that form to make progressing the levels more manageable
  • There's no such thing as holding down the run button
  • There are no middle level checkpoints
  • Be wary of cheap enemy and obstacle placement due to sub-optimal reaction time given by having Mario be only exactly at the center of the camera when moving throughout the level
  • Be wary of difficulty spikes in that enemies and obstacles are introduced in a way that can only be learned after being harmed by them before given proper time to observe and react to them accordingly (such as the middle part of level 2-3 after a series of jumps over the row of Piranha Plants)
  • When retrying after a gameover, progress is lost as the previous level has to be replayed and finished again (this seems to be necessary because there seems to be no Mushrooms at all in level 2-3, but got one in level 2-2)
  • Having a save file which saves automatically every time a level is beaten, when loading it from the main menu, the previous level before the level where the game is automatically saved must be replayed and finished again
  • Progress is permanent in that after a gameover or loading a save, reverting to a previous world is impossible (like gameover or loading save at level 2-1, no reverting back to level 1-4)
Shi Shang Zui Keng Die De You Xi 1~4,6~9 SuperfishMEMZ 2020/7/12 10~30 minutes per game 1~3 hours per game
  • There are lots of troll levels, and you have to spot all of the troll points and hints before continue.
  • There are even a graduation system, your IQ grows up when the level completes.
  • There is an unnecessary comments section, which should be disabled, is a nightmare in curation.
  • 1~4 is a collection of previous games, which have 96~120 levels, whether 6~9 is just a port of the original 24 level game.
  • The game is in Chinese.