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Incomplete.png This page is incomplete, and thus is in my namespace. It will be added to in the future, and can be edited by anyone.

This guide will show you how to curate Alambik content using Flashpoint Core.

Before you start

  • This tutorial will assume you've read the standard Curation Tutorial, which is highly recommended to go through. Try curating a Flash game before moving on to other platforms like Alambik.
  • THE-DEMO.COM has a large list of Alambik applications, however you must go to the Internet Archive to find the files.
  • This currently needs a support pack. The support pack is not available, as a bug has yet to be fixed.

Which Launch Command to use

Use startAlambik.bat with just the Alambik file first. If this doesn't work, use startAlambikInBrowser.bat with just the Alambik file. If this still doesn't work, embed the Alambik file in an HTML file.

How to recognize an Alambik application

  • It is described as an Alambik application somewhere on the site.
  • It uses the .tv, .tvs, .tvd, .tvv, .tvb, or .tvl file extension.

Meta Fields

Many meta fields can be found by right clicking, then pressing View Sources. This works in both standalone and the browser.

  • Title - Use the Script name field, and all titles mentioned elsewhere should be added as Alternate Titles.
  • Developer - Use the Author field.
  • Release Date - Use the Last update field; this is the date (in MM.DD.YYYY format) of which the file was last changed, but it doesn’t always match with the actual release date.
  • Original Description - Use the Short comment field; append any other descriptions to this with two blank lines seperating them.
  • Version - Do not use the Alambik Script version or Mediamaker version fields; use a version located elsewhere if you can find one.


  • The player requests some tracking files, which have already been added to htdocs. These can be safely ignored; do not place them in your curation.
  • If you have any questions/problems, ask in #plugin-chat.

Wrapping It Up

When you're finished testing, export the curation and name the .7z file with the name of the app, and submit it to the #other-game-curations or #animation-curations channel of the Flashpoint Discord. Use the Alambik emoji (20px) when submitting.