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What Exactly Happens After I submit my Curations

BlueMaxima downloads your curations from the submitions channels and adds them to the main archive of Flashpoint. And will mark it off in the submissions channel with (this might not be every curation, but up to a certain point) and every one below the marked entry has been added. If there are no issues with your submission the game or animation will be available with the next full release. If there are any issues with the submition you will be pinged to fix whatever that might be.

Editing Your Curations

If you notice a mistake with your curation after you've submitted it, read our article on Metadata Edits and head over to the #pending-fixes channel in our Discord so you can make necessary changes.

If you're wondering whether your curation has been added to Flashpoint yet, look for a :Tools: emoji reaction anywhere below your post in the Curations channel.

Having Problems?

Because we can't remind you enough already, join our Discord and ask away in the #curator-lounge channel.