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An ActiveX Curation tutorial will be created in the near future. In the meantime, a link to the ActiveX player required to play ActiveX games, including many games on Zylom, can be found here.

>How to recognize ActiveX application

1. You can see text like "This game uses an ActiveX control and will not play in your browser" on the page.

2. The app tells you it needs Internet Explorer to work.

3. There's file with extension .cab.

>Curating the application

1. Go on the exact page the app is embedded using Internet Explorer (Version 11 or 10.).

2. Begin with downloading the .html/.htm file of that site (curlsdownloader is good for that purpose).

3. Using Network tab of Dev Tools find out ActiveX controls (.cab files) loaded on the page and download them.

4. Move downloaded files to htdocs folder.

5. Open downloaded .cab files, copy their contents to Flashpoint Core\FPSoftware\ActiveX\"Name of the game you're curating".

6. Start curation process, set Application Path to startActiveX.bat or FPSoftware\startActiveX_compat.bat (in case normal one doesn't work, what you'll check later).

7. Loading command is built from two parts. One refers to base .html/.htm, and the second to ActiveX control itself. RubiksCube\Rubik.ocx

As you can see, they are separated with space.

8. Fill in the launch command - the first part is path to base .html/.htm, whereas the second shows relative path from Flashpoint Core\FPSoftware\ActiveX to .ocx or .dll file copied from control (when in doubt, try the file that looks the most important).

9. Launch curation, observe the Redirector window for assets not yet downloaded. Download them when applicable.

10. To be sure that everything works properly use the application for a bit, click on every option etc.

11. Curate it, make metadata file, take screenshot of gameplay and logo.

ActiveX curation is not harder, but more complicated - If something doesn't work, check every step. If problem persists ask on Discord server in #curator-lounge.