3DVIA Curation

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Example of a button asking to download 3DVIA.

A 3DVIA Curation Tutorial will be created sometime in the future. In the meantime, a link to download the 3DVIA Player can be found here.

>How to recognize 3DVIA application

1. You can see text like "Made with the Virtools™ Physics Pack" on the page.

2. There's file with extension ".vmo".

3. Site code contains fragment similar to:

ID="Virtools" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480"
<PARAM NAME="SRC" VALUE="tintoys.vmo">
WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480">

>Curating the application

1. Start with downloading .html file with .vmo embed (curlsdownloader is good for that purpose).

2. Start curation process, set Launch Command pointing to that file and Application Path to Basilisk.

3. Launch curation, observe the Redirector window for assets not yet downloaded.

4. Repeat steps 1. and 3. until there's no missing file errors in redirector.

5. To be sure, use the application for a bit, click on every option etc.

6. Curate it, make metadata file, take screenshot of gameplay and logo.

TL;DR You curate 3DVIA apps just like HTML5 ones.

Search terms for 3DVIA apps: Virtools Generated Page filetype:.VMO (This will also lead you to some spam beware)