Visual WebMap Curation

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This guide will show you how to curate Visual WebMap using Flashpoint Core.

Before You Start

Recognizing Visual WebMap

  • Plugin, unlike the other platforms, will probably not be listed anywhere on the site, due to the fact that it supports formats (.dgn, .rle, .cit, .vec) from various authoring programs.
  • Visual WebMap can run only small, map related files, but compatibility is relatively low.

Curation Steps

  • Set the Application Path to FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe.
  • If you have the original .html, it is preferred to use it, although the plugin can run the file by itself.
  • You can use the screenshot of the whole map as a logo.

Wrapping It Up

After testing and following the Curation Format, click the Export button at the bottom of your Curation to create a .7z file with the entire curation, which location is reached by clicking Exported Curations on the Curate tab. Once you have the file, submit it to the Flashpoint Submission System.