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This page provides a list of all of the Unity Web Player versions currently used by games in Flashpoint. All Unity Web Player versions are located in the FPSoftware\BrowserPlugins\UnityWebPlayer folder. Note that the Unity Build Number listed in the table is referred to as the Changeset on the Unity Release Notes pages. You can find the Release Notes pages for each Unity version (excluding Unity 2.x) in the Unity download archive.

Version Number Version Name Unity Build Number Installation Folder
2.5.5b4 fusion-2.x.x 50 2.x-fusion
2.6.1f3 2.x.x 31223 2.x
3.5.7f6 3.x.x 795a449bc926 3.x
4.6.6f2 Stable3.x.x ab0b38d96363 5.x
4.7.2f1 Beta-4.63.x.x a7fe7b7f3d1f 5.x
5.0.3f2 Release-5.05.x.x c28c7860811c 5.x
5.0.4f1 Beta-5.05.x.x 1d75c08f1c9c 5.x
5.1.1f1 Release-5.15.x.x 2046fc06d4d8 5.x
5.1.5f1 Beta-5.15.x.x 9de525f1a6a8 5.x
5.2.0f3 Release-5.25.x.x e7947df39b5c 5.x
5.2.5f1 Beta-5.25.x.x ad2d0368e248 5.x
5.3.1f1 Release-5.35.x.x cc9cbbcc37b4 5.x
5.3.8f1 Stable5.x.x 9886e74732cf 5.x
5.3.8f2 Beta-5.35.x.x 0c7e33ff9c0e 5.x