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Shows where to find the ID of a game in Flashpoint Launcher.

This page describes how to submit metadata changes to games or animations that are already in Flashpoint. All metadata changes should be submitted to the appropriate channel under the "Pending Fixes" category on Discord, including game/animation assets if necessary.

Before you begin, please note that metadata edits can only be submitted for games that are already in Flashpoint. If you notice a mistake with your own curation after you've submitted it, you should upload a fixed version with the changes made on your curation's page before it is marked as added to Flashpoint. Once marked, you should wait until the next version to submit a metadata edit.

Metadata Edits (JSONs)

First, use your copy of Flashpoint Infinity or Ultimate to find the game/animation that you wish to change.

  1. Click the entry to select it.
  2. On the right sidebar, click the pencil button. If this button is not available, click the Config tab of the launcher and check the Enable Editing box.
  3. Keep the ID of the game in mind (see screenshot on the right).
  4. Change the metadata that you wish to change.
  5. Once you're done, click the checkmark in the top right to save your changes.
  6. Right click the game entry for a drop down menu, and click Export Meta Edit.
  7. Click the checkbox for each metadata type that you've changed.
  8. Click Export.
  9. Go into your Flashpoint folder, then Data, then the MetaEdits folder. (If you haven't done a metadata edit previously, this folder will have been created.)
  10. Remember that ID from a few steps back? You'll now have a file with that filename in this folder. This is your meta edit.

Drag and drop this meta edit to #metadata-jsons and Discord will allow you to upload it straight to the channel. Type a message stating what the pending edit does (eg: "Updates the developer and description for Bowman".) If you wish to perform multiple pending fixes at a time, a zip file with all of the files is also acceptable.

You can test your meta edits if you so wish. By leaving the files in the MetaEdits folder, you can use the Developer tab (remember to enable it via Config), and use the Import Meta Edits button (the second set of buttons, furthest to the right). Simply click the button and you'll see a summary of your pending edits (they will be noted as "discarded changes" because they'll be the same in your copy).

Note: You cannot do a pending fix on a curation that hasn't been in a public Flashpoint release yet. The ID generated by Core and by the master build of Flashpoint are not the same.

Submitting Logos/Screenshots

Add any new logos or screenshots into a ZIP file structured as so:

└─── ID.png
└─── ID.png
└─── ID.png
└─── ID.png

You may submit multiple logos/screenshots in a single ZIP file, as long as they are named after the curation's ID. Replace "ID" with the UUID of the curation that you copied from the Launcher. Submit the ZIP file to #logos-screenshots


First of all, if a curation requires metadata to be merged or content to be moved around/deleted, follow the appropriate steps from Metadata Edits and Submitting Assets.

Next, post a message with the UUID and title of the "main" curation, along with the UUIDs and titles of the duplicates to be deleted in #duplicates. Make sure both versions are identical, and if not specify which should be an alternate app of the other. The older entry takes precendence in not being deleted.

Submitting Tech Changes (new plugins)

You will need to submit your changes directly with a merge request on our main project repository. Sign up for an account over at:

Submitting Alternates

To submit an alternate, first follow the instructions in the "Submitting Zipped Games" section, zipping the alternate as you would a full game. In your message to #new-zips, include the name of the entry the alternate belongs to, the name of the alternative app as will be shown in the launcher, and the launch command for said alternative app. Include any additional instructions if applicable. It should look something like this, but as long as you have all the essentials in the message in a not-stupid way, it should be okay:

Alternative App for Alien Hominid (ID: 08143aa7-f3ae-45b0-a1d4-afa4ac44c845)
Heading: Big Head Mod
Application Path: FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe
Launch Command:

(link to folder here, or Discord upload)

Submissions go in #new-zips.

If you would like to submit Extras, just include an Extras folder as an extra zipped file. If any other files are required (such as a Shockwave Xtra), include those alongside the alt.

Submitting Zipped Games

Follow the instructions on the Zipping Guide page and send it to #new-zips in the Pending Fixes section, stating it is a newly zipped game and noting which files to remove from Legacy\htdocs.

Submitting Assets (Content Changes)

If a game/animation needs content files added, replaced, removed or otherwise fixed, you will need to assemble a complete game zip as per the Submitting Zipped Games section. Take the game's original files, add the fixed files on top of those files, then follow the Zipping Guide to make and test a GameZip. Finally, submit the zip via #new-zips, along with a list of files that can be safely removed from Legacy\htdocs, or if you're replacing an existing zipped game (whichever is applicable), and note why you have done so (what bug is fixed, what resources are replaced, etc.).

Examples of Noting Changes

(Game Name): Fixed missing sound effect (added
(Game Name): Updated game (replaced game.swf)
(Game Name): Removed unneeded resources (removed bad_file.txt)