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This guide will show you how to curate LiveMath Plugin using Flashpoint Core.

Before You Start

This tutorial will assume you've read the standard Curation Tutorial, which is highly recommended to go through.

Recognizing LiveMath Plugin

LiveMath Plugin content files use the .thp file extension. Before entering a page with LiveMath Plugin content, right-click the page and click "Inspect Element" (or alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I), then click "Network", then enter the page. If a .thp file or any other files used by the program appear, click on them in the list, and links to the files will be available. This can only be done one at a time.

Most sites using the plugin will mention it in name at some point

Curation Steps

Follow the Curation Format to add metadata for your game and create its correct content folder. The Platform should be LiveMath and the Application Path should be FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe.

Link to the URL of the page where it is located. It can be a simple URL like, or it can link to the .htm or .html file for the page, for example

Using MAD4DP makes the curation process extremely easy.

Wrapping It Up

After testing and following the Curation Format, click the Export button at the bottom of your Curation to create a .7z file with the entire curation, which location is reached by clicking Exported Curations on the Curate tab. Once you have the file, submit it to the Flashpoint Submission System.