Batching Pending Fixes

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Meta Edit JSONs

Batch into folders of approximately 100 at a time. Unzip ZIPs of multiple JSONS when needed. Launch command JSON related to new files should be kept with what they are fixing.

DarkMoe / Other Non-JSON Meta Edit

Use the information in the post to make a proper meta edit, and include it with the other JSONs.

"Recently Added/Submitted" Meta Edit

Ignore it. It's never been the right thing to do to have a meta edit for a game not in Flashpoint at the time.

Dupe Checks

Place the names of dupes to be checked in a text file called dupes.txt. Mention whether a game, an animation, or both (one or more in each). The older game takes precendence to not be deleted.

Title Space Removal

Place the names of games to check in a text file called titles.txt.

New Logo / Screenshot

Note the setup of the Flashpoint images folder - It goes Data\Images\(Logos/Screenshots)\(first two digits of ID)\(third and fourth digit of ID)\(images with full ID).png

Recreate this setup with the new logo and screenshot under a new "Images" folder (start at the Logos & Screenshots folders). You may do this with multiple logos and screenshots, no need to keep them in seperate folders per game/fix.

Game Fixes

Have a new folder called "Fixes".

Each game gets its own unique folder, named after the game itself (do not use the ID), inside the Fixes folder. Include any files on the post in said folder, and a text file with what to fix (usually the contents of the post in #pending-fixes).

Alternate Versions / Hacks

This is for new alternate apps that are not fixes to existing games.

Follow the same steps as Fixes, but call the top-level folder "Alternates".

Other Cases

Unique fixes (ones not in any of the above categories) follow the same process as Fixes but in another unique folder, "Unique Cases". Include files and a text file with instructions per edit.

Anything else comes up, beep me and ask, I'll edit this page accordingly.