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This is a list of attempted games that have been completed.
These entries reside here for historical reference, which serves two purposes:

  1. To display not only how long these games took to be completed from the time it was attempted, but
  2. To also show how much of the game is left to complete beyond the initial version with new discoveries that would make completing the games longer than anticipated.
Game Title Tester Attempted On Completed On Est. Time to Beat Est. Time to Comp. Notes
The Great Massacre Souls 2018-12-05 2018-12-09
(6-7 hours)
Beaten in
5-6 hours
7-10 hours
(4 more hours)
  • There's an achievements section that consists of 80 achievements overall, but there are unknown achievements that have yet to be documented (since there's no hints on how to get the remaining achievements)
    • First row
      • Amount of battles (highest is 100 battles)
      • Number of chained combos (highest is 50 chained combos)
    • Second row
      • Amount of damage per hit (highest is 10,000 points of damage)
      • Number of enemies killed (goes up to the third row; highest is 1000 enemies)
    • Third row
      • Number of lethal kills (highest so far is 100 lethal kills)
      • ...there are 2 entries that are currently unknown
    • Fourth row
      • ...there are 7 entries that are currently unknown
      • Amount of feet walked (goes up to the fifth row; highest is 10,000 feet)
    • Fifth row
      • Number of stones destroyed (highest is 50 stones)
      • Number of donkeys killed (highest is 50 donkeys killed)
      • Amount of pauses (goes up to in the sixth row; highest is 30 pauses)
      • Number of entering shops (goes to the sixth row, which "Shoper 2" was mistakenly named "Upgrader 1"; highest is most likely 10 times)
    • Sixth row
      • Amount of upgrades (highest is 10 upgrades)
      • Number of artifact visits (highest is 10 artifact visits)
      • Number of credits page read (highest is 5 read credit pages)
      • Amount of levels finished (goes up to the seventh and eighth row; there are 3 worlds, each world has 7 levels each, there are 18 levels overall)
  • UPDATE: 2018 December 06
    • Checking in the game files, the 0 missing achievements are found!
      • The 9 following achievements are:
        • Earth Shaker 1 - use Earth Shaker 10x
        • Earth Shaker 2 - use Earth Shaker 25x
        • Earth Shaker 3 - use Earth Shaker 50x
        • Blaster 1 - use Geyser Blast 10x
        • Blaster 2 - use Geyser Blast 25x
        • Blaster 3 - use Geyser Blast 50x
        • Amateur Wrestler - use Awesome Suplex 10x
        • Veteran Wrestler - use Awesome Suplex 25x
        • King of Wrestler - use Awesome Suplex 100x
      • Can't seem to unlock these achievements even while knowing this info
  • UPDATE: 2018 December 07
    • It has been discovered that the reason why these achievements cannot be unlocked is because the total amount of actions on these types of moves will always count to 0 as per the coding
    • A hack was applied to make earning those achievements possible, and fix a graphical glitch on using an incorrect achievement image