Newgrounds Auditorium

An archive of Flash animations

Newgrounds Auditorium is a collection of 131,000 Flash animations from, wrapped up in the Flashpoint technology layer. It was grabbed via a scrape of the site and automagically turned into a database for our launcher to use, so some things are probably going to be broken (titles, maybe some animations, we can't be sure).

There are two seperate versions available. The Ultimate version contains all the SWFs downloaded into the program and thumbnails of the animations on Newgrounds, all ready to work offline without an internet connection. The Infinity version comes with no animations, no thumbnails and downloads animations from the internet, playing them on demand. The upside to this version is that the ZIP file is 120MB.

Ultimate   Infinity
All the animations included.
  Downloads animations on demand.
120MB, extracts to 500MB.

Note for the thumbnails: due to the way that our launcher works, thumbnails will not work unless you can run the "Create Symlinks" batch file as an administrator; you'll need to store Auditorium on an NTFS formatted hard drive. In Ultimate, you'll find it next to the Newgrounds Auditorium shortcut. In Infinity, download this ZIP file, extract it to the Data folder of Auditorium, and you'll find it in the Data folder.

Note for the Ultimate version: due to the extensive upload time for a 260GB file, the Ultimate version has an older launcher. The newer Launcher included in Infinity fixes a bug involving longer lists not being able to see the few lower entries in any particular list/search. If you want to fix this problem in Ultimate, delete the Launcher folder in Ultimate and replace it with the Launcher folder from Infinity.